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Environmental reporting you can rely on An Envirosite Product

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Envirobility provides real-time property searches that report on 4 specific categories:

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  • Category 1

    High Impact Environmental Sites - this includes Superfund sites as well as other current or prior significant environmental contamination, such as manufacturing facilities, processing plants, landfills, and mining sites.

  • Category 2

    Known or Suspected Environmental Contamination Sites - this includes potentially or confirmed contaminated sites that are considered less significant than category 1, and are typically managed by the state, such as Brownfield Sites. Category 2 also identifies underground storage tanks that could pose an adverse environmental effect from leaking hazardous substances, such as a gas station.

  • Category 3

    Incidents or Spills Sites - this includes environmental incidents have occurred that may or may not have resulted in an environmental issue, such as a car accident or petroleum spill.

  • Category 4

    Sites with Potential Environmental Impact Activities - this includes locations with a registration or permit that could pose a potential risk to the environment on the property, such as gas stations, service stations, dry cleaners, manufacturers and automotive service centers.

Benefits of Envirobility to users:

  • Uncovers potentially hidden environmental risks that can impact your prospective real estate investments, assets, as well as the community at-large.
  • Assess properties with ease and efficiency utilizing a cloud-based platform.
  • When it comes to planning future real estate development opportunities, make more informative and cost-effective decisions that are based on the environmental conditions.
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